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Flight School, Learn to Fly

Let our instructors teach you everything you need to know, from private to insturment and commercial readings. Make your dreams of becoming a pilot a reality. Personalized instruction at affordable rates. Call us today to schedule your lesson.

Flight Physicals
Flight Physicals

FAA Flight Physicals by John C. Biery, D.O. conveniently located inside the Bluffton Airport.


Annual Inspection
Aircraft Maintenance

From aircraft parts to maintenance and more, we offer a large list of services. Trust our professional staff with all your aircraft maintenance needs.

Flight Lessons
Aircraft Rental

All licensed pilots will have a blast renting our affordable aircrafts and taking off to the sky.

Bluffton Airport
Airport Services

Serving the community for over 50 years our staff will assist you in all of your needs at our FBO

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